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2016 - Made with World Machine and rendered in Blender Cycles.

2016 - Modeled and rendered in Blender Cycles.

Closeup of the coin door.

2015 - Millions of instanced rocks, made with World Machine, Blender and renedered in Cycles.

2015 - Modeled in Mudbox and Maya. Animated in Maya, rendered in Redshift.

2015 - Balloon character rig.

2015 - t-rex modeled in Maya and Zbrush. Available on Thingiverse.

2015 - 3d printed dslr shoulder rig. Available on Thingiverse.

2014 - Original arcade game Gallery Mayhem. Excercise in CAD, woodworking, electronics and game programming.


2014 - Cinematography and costume by me. Shot on Canon EOS 550D with Cinestyle.

CG environment. Not representable of final quality.
2014 - Modeling, texturing, shading and lighthing by me.

2007 - Pencils on paper, some reference used.

2007 - Digital painting, reference used.
2008 - Sculpture in Super Sculpey, no reference used.

Software I use
+++ Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Redshift, World Machine, Premiere Pro.
++ Blender, Rhinoceros, Autodesk Inventor, NukeX, Dreamweaver, Indesign.
+ 3ds Max, V-Ray, Terragen, Vue, Speedtree Cinema, Photomodeler Scanner, After Effects, Fusion.

3d generalist. Vfx, and realtime rendering
Modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning, animation, lighting, shading, rendering, matchmoving, compositing.

Parametric and NURBS modeling.

DSLR Cinematography. Light probe photography. Experience with cell animation.

3d printing, laser cutting, soldering, woodworking, molding and casting.

Software development
Game Maker Language.

© 2015 Martin Petersson.